addnote lets you add a line (i.e. note) to a file quickly. It grabs the currently selected text from your xserver and shows an edit field containing this text. You can either press enter directly to add this (selected) text to your file or you can enter something else.

The download includes a README file, that explains how to set up your window manager to use addnote.

Since addnote is just a shell script (and a howto), you can easily customize the window title etc.


In order to run this script you need zenity (which is usually installed when you use GNOME) or "kdialog" (which comes with KDE).
In order to grab the selection from X, addnote needs either xclip or xsel. It is possible to use addnote without this though.
If you use a window manager other than KDE/GNOME you probably want to use xbindkeys or hotkeys.


gtk qt




If you want to contribute (or need commercial support ;-) send an email to < ludwig att spline dot de >